Tesla’s ranking slips in autonomous driving industry

Earlier Elon Musk’s Tesla revealed their self-driving innovation, the most recent news uncovered that the electric vehicle pioneer has failed to lead the Autonomous industry, in the recent news  it has revealed that the ranking of the Tesla has slipped down.

Tesla trails behind different other companies regarding terms of   self-governing driving tech- dependent list created by Navigant Research, an autonomous research firm. The list as referred by Navigant, based their rankings on specific criteria

Based on their research, the electric vehicle leader trails way behind other groups like general motors, waymo, daimler-bosch, Volkswagen and ford. Tesla is placed almost way below other companies and just a notch above voyage auto the news is shocking for the Musk’s company as the company is about to make an announcement of their self-driving car via an event called ‘Autonomy investor day’. The announcement regarding self-driving car is expected not only to showcase vehicles with FSD but also to share the Tesla roadmap on self-Driving cars.

Amid the prior declaration of the much-anticipated Tesla Model Y a month ago, Tesla’s chief engineer likewise reported that they will present their FSD vehicles this year.

Returning to the Navigant report, Tesla’s poor execution in the positioning was because of poor strategy and execution in the portion. Despite the failed ranking, however, Tesla ranked on top of the companies which consumers trust to give them the best self-driving technology.


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