Sheryl Sandberg wants to know why Facebook stock is falling: May be it is Soros!

There had been a lot of speculation about Facebook’s stock and so keeping this in mind, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg wanted to know about George Soros. It is believed that Soros, a billionaire has been shorting the shares of Facebook. His bet against Facebook is a matter of concern. As per the news, published in The New York Times and Buzzfeed News, it is seen that that said Sandberg has special consideration for Soros footsteps.

Initially, Sandberg had denied the fact that they had hired a firm that finds out about the opposition and the footsteps. But then she said that they had ties with the investigation solution and that the company wanted to know Soros. The stock was losing value and Definer’s search was already on its way and then at that time Sandberg had asked that how come Facebook stocks were losing the value.

Elliot J. Schrage, the outgoing Facebook vice president of communications and public policy has said that it is true that they had hired Definers. There are some of the groups that are against Facebook and they have the motive as Freedom from Facebook. So, Sandberg had requested Definers to find out about the stock’s movement and the investors’ interest. However, she never wanted to know through the press who these groups were who were anti-Facebook groups.

Later, before this controversy happened, Sandberg said that she has respect for Mr. Soros and that it was important to know that what made him things speaking against the company. It could be financial reasons. But she along with Mark Zuckerberg had said that they were not quite aware of Definers and the reason why they were appointed. Elliot has been given enough powers and he also had taken full responsibility that he had appointed Definers for further investigation when the stock was sinking.

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