Can Some Activities Help Improve Cognitive Abilities With Age?

Can Some Activities Help Improve Cognitive Abilities With Age?

Can some activities help improve cognitive abilities with age? According to scientists, cognitive functions, including attention, executive function, and reasoning skills, decline with age.

Now a new study suggests that several functioning improve with age.

Past research indicated that older adults experience a decline in brain functioning across the board. But a new observational study shows that cognitive functions improve with age.

The new study results appear in Nature Human Behaviour.

According to the American Psychological Association, refers to multiple mental abilities, including learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, decision making, and attention. Cognitive functioning function serves a critical role in everyday behavior and social behavior.

Researchers generally point that people stop making cognitive functioning progress and begin experiencing a decline with age.

The author of the new research studies the impact of age on cognition.

For the study, the researchers investigated 702 participants who were aged 58–98. They tested the participants based on the three cognitive functions including alerting, orienting, and executive inhibition.

The researchers used the computer-based Attention Network Test (ANT) to test the target stimulus shown on the computer screen.

The results suggest that cognitive abilities can be improved through engagement with multiple and diverse activities.

“These results are amazing and have important consequences for how we should view aging,” says senior study author Dr. Michael T. Ullman. “But the results from our large study indicate that critical elements of these abilities actually improve during aging, likely because we simply practice these skills throughout our life.”