ISF incubator in partnership with NTU to launch 3D printing Start up in Singapore

ISF incubator had tied hands with NTUitive, the innovation and enterprise company of Nanyang Technical university, Singapore (NTU). The joint venture is called Secur3DP+ which will make additive manufacturing a viable option for more companies around the world, by creating a global 3D-printing network connecting companies with vetted service providers.

ISF Incubator is the technology-focused startup accelerator arm of global invention and investment business Intellectual Ventures. With operations in Seattle, Wash., and Silicon Valley, ISF Incubator is pursuing the creation of new companies with the power to transform industries.

Secur3DP+ has a disruptive solution that enables companies to take advantage of 3D printing and other just-in-time manufacturing technologies by providing transaction security, accountability, and intellectual property protection. The company is bringing to market the service of a permissioned block chain based transaction platform which simplifies decentralized manufacturing by acting as a trusted service provider that manages vendor compliance, file transfer, payment, and fulfilment.

ISF Incubator initially funded Secur3DP+, whose system runs on a proprietary block chain solution for transaction security, quality assurance, and intellectual property (IP) protection, by a contribution of seed capital. The block chain-based transaction platform simplifies decentralised manufacturing by managing vendor compliance, file transfer, payment and fulfilment.

The system then ensures all validated and authorised projects that are delivered in the most cost-effective way with the right products. It will also enable startups and multinational corporations to protect and track their IP assets. Certain patents and patent applications related to 3D printing and embedded identifiers have been acquired by Secur3DP+.

Eng Kiat Low, chief executive officer of Secur3DP+ stated, “By creating a global ecosystem of trusted partners, we hope to accelerate the adoption of 3D printing and allow businesses all over the world to get the products they need and do so securely, anytime, anywhere. “filling a critical gap in the mass adoption of 3D printing.”

As 3D printing has evolved from a tool for rapid prototyping to being capable of creating production-ready parts, the design and manufacturing process has drastically changed. To achieve true distributed manufacturing, companies will need secure workflow solutions, like Secur3DP+, to protect their brand and intellectual property from counterfeiters.

ISF first partnered NTU in 2016 through the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster, which is led by NTUitive, to develop an embedded identifier module that allows 3D printers to mark unique physical identifiers within the structure of 3D-printed metal products.

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