iPhone XR is Performing Much Better than its Comrades says Greg Joswiak

iPhone XR has been quite popular because of the features it holds. This gadget has been on the floor since mid-October and since then it is one of the top selling phones. It costs around USD 749. This model had released along with iPhone XS and XS Max and they both belong to a higher range. So, when XR is compared with them, it is something with great features, and yet lower in price as compared to XS and XS Max.

The negative estimations just went wrong

When there was a buzz around for iPhone XR, before its release, the tech gurus said that this is just Apple’s strategy to bring in facial recognition unlocking. Also, the experts in the tech field were not quite keen over the release of XR. In fact, the company’s stocks also faced a fall down during October. But in spite of such negative estimations and forces, iPhone XR seems to be one of the best gadgets around. Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing Greg Joswiak had talked to Reuters about iPhone XR and as per him this is one of the most popular phones and best selling too.

From the day this phone has been on the floor, there have been good sales. The major reason is that iPhone XR is the phone that has features of the high-end phones. Soon, Apple will market the red colored version of iPhone XR, the funds of which would be used in charity for HIV and AIDS. Joswiak said that there has been a good amount of funds accumulated for the noble cause and around USD 200 Million are there in the bag.

Even though Apple is not yet quite clear on the sales figures, the above details make it clear that Apple is quite happy with the performance of its products and to be specific, iPhone XR.

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