Google’s Project Fi is now Google Fi to support wide range of devices including iPhones

Google has renamed its Project Fi as Google Fi. Earlier Project Fi was limited to selected Android Smartphones only but on Wednesday Google confirmed that they are planning to expand virtual telecommunication services to a wide range of devices which also includes iPhones and Google Fi is a step ahead in the direction.

Google Fi targets to capture traditional carriers by allowing users to pay according to their data usage and international roaming.

Project Fi had the limitation that it worked on new pixel handsets manufactured by Google and some Android smartphones manufactured by other companies. The reason for the same was that the smartphones should be compatible with the infrastructure which is used to provide the service on the virtual network.

According to Google, now Google Fi intelligently switches smartphone service among Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Wi-Fi hotspots to impart best signals.

In a blog post, Fi director Simon Arscott said, ”Our plan now works with the majority of Android devices and iPhones.” Project Fi was launched in 2015 to offer users better, fast, fair and easy services in accessing wireless. Arscott said, “We’re proud that we’ve achieved a customer satisfaction score of over 90 percent.

In US Fi monthly plans offer unlimited domestic call and text messages nationally and internationally at $20. Data charges are $10 per gigabyte and a maximum data charge of $6 for individual users.

Smartphones must have proper hardware and software configuration to switch between networks and wi-fi to have actual full Fi experience. But all smartphones and iPhones lack in some features so couldn’t experience. But now with Google Fi iPhones and other handsets which were not designed for, can also access the Google Fi services.

Google further added that Google Fi service allows users to use devices for data in 170 and territories which have an agreement with carriers in those locations.

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