Google’s CEO Pichai says No Plans to Launch Chinese Search Engine

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that even though the company has been studying Google’s search engine idea, they do not have any plans as of now to launch the same. The company employees are not happy with the idea that if the USA comes up with such a search engine then there will be issues like surveillance and censorship of information. Google’s main search engine has been blocked in China and this has happened since 2010. So, Google wants to create one for China. But this is something people in the USA and even the Google employees do not like.

Even though there are no plans of launch, Pichai said that they are studying the project that if at all the search engine is launched for China then how that should look. He said that he is not at all under any discussions with the Chinese Government as of now. Also, that he would keep his tasks transparent if anything will be on the way for China. Once in August Pichai had already said that if China gets a search engine then it would be beneficial for them. However, he never clearly said that Google will be doing it. One of the Chinese Government officials said that there are rare chances that Google will get permissions in China. Also, Pichai is not ready to say that what relevant actions they will take if they want to make a custom search engine for China. Freedom of expression and personal privacy, these are the two things that every project should have to fulfill. But it seems that China has its own whims and fancies as far as the searches are concerned.

With the above details, it looks that Chinese Search Engine from Google doesn’t seem to be a reality as of now. But what future holds, we never know. So, just sit back and watch.

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