Google Maps new Feature ‘Share Trip’ Launched for Android Devices

If you are an Android device holder then you can use the new feature that Google Maps has floated. It has come up with the Share Location Feature wherein you can now share where you are actually and also there would be facilities like ETA for the journeys via trains and buses. Just recently, there has been this update on Google Maps and with that you can share your exact location even while you have been searching for any particular destination. Right now, this feature works only on Android devices. But soon the availability would be there for iOS devices as well. If you have not received the update automatically, then you need to update this so as to use this feature.
Your loved ones would want to know where you are.

It is the matter of wish that if you like your loved ones or family to know where you are while you have boarded on the bus or train, then this would be very much possible. In fact, you can share these real time details with those available in your contact list and also with those using Facebook and Whatsapp messenger, the third party apps.

What you need to do?

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  • First you must go to the transit tab
  • Add your destination
  • Use navigation features
  • Use share trip button and then select the individuals from the contact list

This new feature on Google Maps is quite similar to the feature that Google came up with, just a year back. Apple users are still waiting for Google Maps to launch this feature in iOS devices. Well, since this has happened on the Android, it would soon happen with iOS too.

This new feature seems to be quite exciting and safe because your loved ones can actually know where you have reached while you are on your journey. It is your wish that whether you want to share the trip or not.

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