Chinese Company LinkSure Networks to Launch Constellation of 272 satellites by 2026

China has always been quite keen on launching the satellites so that there is the availability of free Wi-Fi service all over the world. Chinese Internet Firm which is quite ahead in the field of satellite technology has plans to launch 272 satellites by the year 2026. The aim of this satellite is to get ahead with free internet access for the customers. The company understands that the market is filled with the need for Internet-based technology and so the first satellite has been unveiled on 27th November 2018. By the year 2020 around 10 satellites will be launched to the constellation. By 2026, there will be 272 satellites.

There are some regions where the telecom networks are weak and at such times people can access the web through these satellites. The internet services will make this happen. It is estimated that in this plan LinkSure Networks will make an investment of 431 million USD. The Chinese company suggests that since it would be tough to install telecom networks at places where they would not be practically possible, then at such places, these satellite networks will work as a boon. As per the available details the satellite will be launched from Gansu province. Here they have made Jiuquan satellite launch center.

It is important to note that even India is planning to get a navigational system ready and it might come up with the name NAVIC. Even though we say that we live in the internet era, the problem is that till the end of 2017 3.9 billion people did not have internet connectivity. So, as to avoid such woes and dilemmas the future will hold a lot of options. On Tuesday, there was a new page written in the history of satellites. LinkSure Networks was founded in the year 2013 and it is based in Shanghai.

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