Amazon Coming Up With Larger Cashier-Less Stores Soon

The larger the scale more will be the sales. This is what Amazon thought and so soon Amazon will come up with larger bricks and mortar stores. As per the report in The Wall Street Journal, the company is already testing the cashier-less technology in larger stores. Amazon has already come up with the mid-size convenience stores and its very first cashier-less store got opened in Seattle. Then later there was Chicago and San Francisco. But all these cities have the stores just like there would be a small convenience store and so when around 15-20 people come in, the store is almost full and there is hardly any space. So, in order to remove such inconveniences, Amazon has started testing that what will happen if the similar set of things are done but on a large scale. Currently, for the convenience stores that Amazon has come up with, there is the use of camera technology which checks what the customers are buying and then as per that they are charged and billed.

It is estimated that by the year 2021 Amazon will come up with almost 3000 stores. This would mean that it wants to be part of competition just like Walmart and CVS. It is yet to be checked that the store with a larger area and higher ceilings can give the same result in terms of cashier-less technology, just like now.

Since the trend belongs to the larger sized supermarkets, Amazon too has big plans. Every company is keeping an eye on the other and so keeping this in mind there should be the installation of technology that no one else can copy. Walmart also announced in October that soon it will come up with a large-sized cashier-less store where the customers will use an app in customers’ phone only for billing and scanning items.

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